Monday, May 5, 2014

Y for yonder

Yonder lies delight,
just past depths of dejection.
Yonder lies light,
just beyond deafening darkness.
Yonder lies the answer,
just past the quandary of questions.
Yonder lies peace,
just beyond the chasm of clamor.
Yonder lies hope,
just past the abyss of doubts.
Yonder lies life,
just beyond point of existence.

Yonder lies a place like never before
a place to satiate our need for more,
a place where your dreams come true,
a place you can be just you,
Yonder lies....

PS: Although the challenge ended last week, I'm putting up this post for the sake of completeness.
This post is shared with April A-Z blogging challenge for the alphabet Y
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