Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thank you!!

As I had indicated in my earlier post, August meant travel time for me and S. It was time to feel patriotic in part because of the Indian Independence day on 15th August and in part because S and me were back in India after two years. Ah the blissful feeling of walking on the soil of your Motherland is unparalleled, even if this bliss lasted for a very short while. The bliss was powerful enough to override the much detested jet-lag. The mere sight of family after 2 long years was like an elixir. S and me escaped the American summer and savored the Indian monsoon. It was a very memorable albeit short trip and it was time to hop on the jet again. A few days with family and a few more for VISA related work sprinkled with visits to a couple of temples and festive celebrations summed up an awesome August. For the time that we were in India, I felt 24 hours in a day were too less. There was so much that I wanted to do but so little time.

While heading back to US, our flight was delayed and so we were fighting against sleep as we waited for our flight in Mumbai. We caught a glimpse of the King Khan of Bollywood aka Shah Rukh Khan as he was being escorted on an airport buggy. He looked like a regular traveller but the crowd of luggage tugging fans that followed the buggy as it chugged along gave away his cult status. I must add that the multiple security checks in Mumbai were by far the most that I have come across. Luckily, the delay was cushioned by our long layover in Europe and we managed to catch our second change flight to reach Portland safe and sound. Strangely enough while the visit to India was exciting and fun-filled, a feeling of relief and joy was what I felt as we unlocked the door we had locked a few weeks ago. There is no land like homeland and no place like home.

September has also meant many celebrations, both S and me turned a year older and wiser. Cerebral babble too celebrated a silent blogoversary a couple of days ago :) Following in the tradition of a blogoversary, I would like to thank all the fellow bloggers who continue to encourage me with their comments and opinions. I have learnt a lot from all of you, listing my learnings would call for a lengthy post and I do not wish to bore you with my babbling. So I'll keep it short and simple, THANK YOU!!