Thursday, August 1, 2013

April ode - part 4

I finally managed to get my lazy brain to complete the last part of the April A2Z heights challenge at Haikuheights. Having missed out participating, I thought I could at least draw inspiration from those wonderful prompts. So this is the final set of Haiku and the prompts of inspiration are Shadow, Tsunami, Uproot, Volcano, Waterfall, Xerox, Youngling and Zebra-crossing

Tales of yore
brought alive with screen and strings
silent play of light


Water all around
roars, swirls and tugs all away,
leave chaos unbound.


Watered with love, care
purged of vile, spite, rage and ill will,
blessed life blossoms


Spell of silence breaks
decades of hurt bubbles up
angry lava spews


Trickles down like tears,
gushes like unbridled joy ;
elixir of life.


Loves, chides and guides you
never judges or holds grudges
mother - god's xerox

Stumbling, tottering,
eager to make its own mark -
newbie finds its feet
 Time to change your way,
step on  stripes of black, white, gray-
at crossroads of life.

Pictures are from Google images


  1. A wonderful collection, and a great climax to the series I would say :-)

    1. Thanks Amrit my april series finally ended in august :P

  2. That's some commitment to finish the backlog!!
    Amazing compositions especially the last one! :)

    1. Thanks Shilpa:) Inspired by your blog challenges I felt I should complete this one however late it may be...


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