Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hawaiian hula

Plumeria flowers adorning her hair
lent a divine fragrance to the air.
To the strains of the ukulele -
She crooned tales of her land,
Of warm pacific waters and placid bays,
Of endless stretches of colored sand...

She sang of the magical land of Hawaii.
of the sun, the sand and the sea,
 of the mountains and the valleys,
of the forests and the greenery,
of nature and her beauties,
of life and its mysteries...

As the fire crackled and the night fell,
she wove a dream, a lyrical spell...
She sang of the kingdom of yore,
of long gone but still revered tribal chiefs;
She then hummed about the coral reefs,
of the world underwater that one could explore...
She sang about the dolphins and whales,
of turtles and sea-life, she sang exotic tales...

She had her chorus in the breeze and ocean,
"Aloha" they seemed to sing in unison...
Ethereal night and the soulful melody
unburdened the mind of melancholy.
The heart swayed to the hula rhythm
Oh the rhapsody was blithesome!!

Picture is from Google images

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