Friday, December 21, 2012

A knock on my door...

Ever since I moved to our home in San Diego after marriage, I have had a bunch of special visitors. They religiously drop by for a hello almost every day. We exchange pleasantries silently at times and chirpily on most occasions. It helps that there are quite a few trees that dot the landscape in our apartment apart from shrubs and bushes. By now you must have guessed, my  special visitors are of the winged variety :-) So I have robins, house sparrows and pigeons who like to relax for a while in our patio. Mind you they are camera-shy and my repeated attempts to get them to pose for a quick snap have failed miserably.

However, I did manage to strike a deal with one of them. So when this pigeon sought to hide from its pursuer on a hot afternoon in our patio, I managed to get a couple of candid shots in exchange for refuge ;-)

 As for my other winged friends, they continue to drop by to quench their thirst from the water in the saucers that are placed underneath my potted plants. Someday I hope to shoot their portfolios, till then its just candid conversations. Their early morning choir is another regular feature of my typical day. I sometimes enjoy watching them silently as they fly around chasing one another engrossed in their versions of hide and seek. In fact, yesterday they had some special performance in the intervals of their game. The tiny little humming birds flitted around here and there, even hovering mid air displaying their colorful plumage. It was a well choreographed performance, worthy of a packed audience. If only I could capture it on camera, sigh!!  Thank you my winged friends for the wonderful company you keep me :-)


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