Monday, February 29, 2016

Back to babble part 2 :)

Back to babble with a time leap on leap day!!

First a flashback ----
"While babble has always been intermittent, this time the pause has stretched on for quite a few months. During the pause, S and me moved to a bigger apartment. Then there were a bunch of business travel related to S's job. In the midst of all this, we managed to sneak in a rainy Thanksgiving camping trip to redwood forests of California. I still need to upload camera clicks from the rainy adventure. The year end holidays saw get-togethers with friends and all the hustle bustle finally got to me. Being under the weather for a while only seemed to add to my laziness quotient. I became too lethargic to even check out the lovely posts on other blogs let alone post something of my own. And now as winter recedes, as cold is ready to be wrapped up and tucked away, as the flower beds are aching to burst out in blooms, as the birds are out early and chirping joyously as day breaks, I too return to babble (hopefully as a regular)."

These were my thoughts last February and they were promptly relegated to the draft post. Why? Because there was another thought that was engulfing my mind overpowering all of my other thoughts, the thought of getting to hear my baby babble back to me. S and me were blessed with a little cherub just in time for our birthdays making September my most favorite month of the year :)

Since then little R has made me look at life from a whole new perspective. So almost six months into motherhood, I now restart my own babble even as my dear little princess delights me with her's. Hopefully I will resume posting on a fairly regular basis.

Sleep-deprived occasionally but smile-endowed often, motherhood sure makes me leap with joy, smile blissfully and feel blessed!!

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  1. Welcome back. And, congratulations to you and S on becoming proud parents.

  2. Congratulations... Enjoy the new phase in your life!

    1. Thank you Satya :) Will drop by your blogs soon, the last time I saw, there were some beautiful kolam designs.

  3. Welcome back and congrats for your promotion to motherhood. Even the tantrums with bitterness will make you experience sweetness in the onward journey.All the best.

    1. Thank you for your sweet wishes Sarala, what you say is very true:)


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