Friday, December 13, 2013

Elixir of life

The rustling leaves & the bumbling bees,
the chiming bells & the gurgling streams;
even the silent shadows seemed to whisper to me. 
Colours of joy I saw all around,
Aromas of delight left me spellbound.
Even the mundane chores seemed heavenly; 
The real world juxtaposed by dreams 
brewed a heady concoction of excitement & ease. 

Smiles abound at heart, I waltzed through my way,
Weaving around rosy dreams even during the day. 
The bright days evoked the free spirit in me,
The cool evenings kindled in my heart – poetry.
I knew not if this was freedom or love or success, 
(but) I had tasted the elixir of life I guess.

Picture is  from Google images


  1. Beautiful poem. Tasted the elixir of life! Cool.

  2. Lovely! You have a way with words!! :)

    1. Coming from you a master of words yourself, I can only beam with joy and say Thanks Shilpa :)

  3. Beautiful Reshma! as alwayz... "even the silent shadows seemed to whisper to me. " perfect!

    1. Thanks Anjali, many times even the silence of a place speaks to our hearts doesn't it...

  4. Elixir of life ... a beautiful positive poem ... I read it in the morning and now I feel so happy and bright ... thanks a lot for this piece :-)

    1. Your comment made my day Amrit :) Glad my poem brightened your day :)

  5. It's beautiful Reshma! I could almost see you ....


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