Friday, October 12, 2012

First the rain,then the thunderbirds!!

There's something magical about rain that makes me feel refreshed. The aroma exuded by earth when it rains after a dry spell, ah that is revitalizing and soothing. It seems the rain-gods have taken a sudden liking to sunny San Diego and so for three days in a row now I have woken up to the sound of rain as it "pittered and pattered" outside our home :)

View of rain from our patio

From a sprinkler show on day 1 to a  light shower at regular intervals on day 2 to moderate rainfall in the wee hours of day 3, rain has sure announced itself in this year. Coming from Bangalore where it rains whenever the mercury crosses into the uncomfortable "God! its hot" zone or during the monsoons or there are cyclonic depressions near the coastlines, I was beginning to miss rains here when the temperatures touched 35 on the Celsius scale. I was infact complaining about the lack of rain to S.And then though the temperatures had dipped a bit and there were dark clouds gathering up occasionally and one could see the red skies at night, rain seemed evasive.But not anymore I guess. I couldn't resist and clicked a few pics of rain from our patio.
I ended humming a popular kannada melody ಮುಂಗಾರು ಮಳೆಯೇ ಏನು ನಿನ್ನ ಹನಿಗಳ ಲೀಲೆ.....
 (Translation: Oh pre-monsoon rain, what magic do your drops possess? )
Ah the magic of rain indeed...

When there is rain, can thunder be far away? But this is a thunder of a different kind. Its time for the annual Marine Corps Air Show at Miramar. This is the largest military air show in the US and hence we have jets thundering through the skies of San Diego since yesterday. It reminds me of the biennial Air-show in Bangalore. Oh those spectacular displays and those daredevil spins and nosedives by the pilots and their flying machines... the very thought revs us up with enthusiasm and zest for life.

You can check the following link to check out the source of the airshow images and photo gallery that feature sample photos of what the show has to offer - MCAS airshow


  1. Alas, Reshma, there has been hardly any this year in Bangalore. October has come and would be leaving soon,and we still didn't have a proper monsoon.
    Bangalore is no longer the cool city it used to be, it is dirty,hot and crowded with traffic all the time.
    Oh!, how I wish it was the same Bangalore we moved to years ago.
    Good to know you are from Bangalore.

  2. Ah yes, this year was a harsh summer, hopefully November should see Bangalore get its share of depression rains :) I completely agree with you, Bangalore is no longer the city it used to be but it still is way better than the others. I hope the "powers that be" realize that and at-least stop cutting down the trees that are still providing some hope and semblance to the now almost forgotten title Bangalore once enjoyed. Oh I miss my "Garden City". keep visiting my blog rama :)

  3. Hey, I was looking for the follow tag somewhere it was not to be found, then by chance I came to your blog, and felt I had come here earlier, and was scrolling down your blogs when i came across this blog and I remembered, I had written a comment here, and sure it is there.
    I submitted my email to follow your blog.
    BTW, there has been no winter too here,after 9am it starts becoming very hot outside, and in the night we are still using fan.
    Happy New Year Reshma!

    1. Thank you following my blog Rama:)Have a blessed year ahead!!
      Ah yes, B'lore has been quite warm this time around...


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