Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flowers and Festivals...

The months of August and September mark the festival season in India.The festivities are heralded by a customary trip to the market. The first thing that captures the eye is the heaps and heaps of  multicolored flowers from dundu-mallige (jasmine) to jaaji (pink jasmine) to lotus to roses to sevantige(chrysanthemums) to sampige (joy-perfume) to kedige (screw pine). You'll also find some of them stringed together in the form of garlands. The next thing that you can sense is the aroma these beauties exude, ranging from mild scents to strong fragrances. Ah the market is indeed a treat to the senses...The bunches of mango-leaves, strings of tulasi (holy basil) and the plantain leaves add a touch of green to the riot of colors.

Flower Market in Malleswaram,Bangalore

The hustle-bustle of  the market, the sellers promoting their wares and the buyers haggling for a better deal all add to the charm of festive-shopping. This time around during Gowri-Ganesha festival I really missed the festive-shopping. We did celebrate the festival complete with the homemade sweets and puja et all but the shopping was of a different kind in a very quiet setting minus the festive fervour... This is more of a "You know it used to be " kind of a post more than "I miss you badly" post. Having just moved away from India I guess a few such posts are justified

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